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A Few Words About FinPro Services LLC

Founded in 2017, Finscape Services LLC swiftly became a prominent player in the landscaping industry, offering specialized Hardscape and Excavation services. In tandem, Jim embarked on Providencs in 2016, concentrating on Mowing and Maintenance solutions, carving a niche for quality lawn maintenance. The convergence of these enterprises materialized in 2019, birthing FinPro Services—an integrated powerhouse in Hardscape, Landscape, Mowing, Waterfalls and Excavation. Over the last five years, the collaboration has flourished, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

FinPro's journey reflects a strategic union of expertise, combining the finesse of Hardscape and Excavation with the precision of Mowing and Maintenance. This synergy has positioned FinPro Services as a go-to solution for comprehensive landscape transformations, maintenance and excavation needs. The commitment to quality workmanship, innovative solutions, and a customer-centric approach has solidified their success over half a decade, establishing them as a reliable and reputable entity in the competitive realm of landscaping services.

About 8880 State Route 204 NW, Thornville, Ohio, 43076.

Specializing in hardscape, landscape, mowing, maintenance and dirt work services.

We have 20+ years of experience working for other companies and working for ourselves. We deliver excellent costumer service along with great quality work. FREE estimates!